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La Liga Lowdown Memorabilia Series

Football is a game that means many things to many people. Such is their love for the game and their respective clubs, fans often cherish items of memorabilia that are affiliated with their club. Our team recently showcased their Spanish football memorabilia - bringing you the story of why it means so much to them.

Euan McTear’s First Eibar Scarf:

Having documented their rise to the top flight, Euan’s chosen piece of memorabilia was none other than his very first Eibar scarf. Following their debut in LaLiga in 2014/15, Euan wrote a book about the town, the fans and the club’s rise to the big time.

Upon visiting the club for the first time, Euan was greeted by a fan group called Eskozia La Brava. They presented him with the scarf as a gift - with the words ‘Eibar Primeran’ which translates to ‘Eibar are a first division team.’ Euan has since collected many Eibar scarves but his very first one is still the one most dear to his heart.

Román de Arquer Meets Ronaldinho:

Meeting your footballing heroes is something every fan dreams of. Román was given that very opportunity when he met Barcelona legend Ronaldinho. Whilst out for lunch with his parents and his younger brother in Casteldefels, Román was starstruck when he realised that Ronaldinho was sat just a few metres away from him.

Surprised and excited, Román was initially too shy to approach the Brazilian superstar. It wasn’t until his younger brother ran over to him that Ronaldinho noticed Román and signaled him to come over. With his iconic smile, Román reminisces how kind and gentle the legend was. The player signed a copy of the SPORT newspaper - writing “with affection, from your new friend, Ronaldinho.”

Paco Polit’s Book of Valencia Legends:

In 2019, Valencia celebrated their centenary year and as part of the celebrations, club legend Mario Alberto Kempes released his book ‘Matador.’ Paco was able to meet the legend during his media event for the release, alongside Ricardo Arias and Dario Felman!

With 2019 being a year full of both professional and personal highlights for Paco - he still picks the book up to flick through its pages, allowing him to reminisce on the wonderful memories brought to him by his most cherished piece of memorabilia.

Matt Clark’s Matchday Programme:

The matchday experience is one that every football fan loves - from being surrounded by people who share your passion to the game itself. Matt attended a pre-season game between Liverpool and Atlético Madrid in 2009.

From the wealth of Spanish talent, to the special storylines such as Torres’ first game against his boyhood side, Los Rojiblancos, the links between his beloved Liverpool and Spain built the foundations for Matt’s interest in Spanish football, all of which is encapsulated in his beloved matchday programme.

Sam Leveridge’s Atlético Madrid Tifo

A Liverpool fan as a child and a season-ticket holder at Atlético Madrid, Sam’s chosen piece of memorabilia is one of the most recent ones on this list. Part of the big game experience in Spain is their famous tifos.

Sitting with the Atleti ultras, Sam adores the big-game feel of the Wanda Metropolitano, keeping part of the tifo from the encounter between two sides he holds very close to his heart, particularly with the game being one of the last few before the postponement of the footballing season.

Hasan Karim’s 2002 Zidane Real Madrid Shirt:

A passionate Madridista, Hasan has a penchant for collecting football shirts. With a collection that stands at over 50 strong, it is the 2002 home shirt that is particularly near and dear to his heart.

Not only does Hasan absolutely adore the goal scored by Zidane in this shirt, but it also represents his adulation for his all-time footballing hero Zizou. In fact, he cherishes this piece of memorabilia so much, he’s too scared to actually wear it.

Alex Brotherton’s Brilliant Barça Shirt Duo:

Like Hasan, Alex’s most treasured footballing items are also football shirts. However, he crosses the Clásico divide with his brilliant Messi and Ronaldinho jerseys.

Not only does Alex’s Messi jersey remind him of the Argentine’s brilliant goal, but he also found it in a charity shop for an absolutely bargain price - how could you turn that down? Similarly, his Ronaldinho shirt was picked up from a flea market in Krakow! These are shirts that boast both incredible historic stories, but also some lovely personal ones to Alex.

Alex Fitzpatrick’s Mallorca Play-off Final Ticket:

Every football fan loves a final, even more so when you’re able to attend one. The high stakes atmosphere and tension is something everyone craves - made even sweeter for Alex, when he paid just €5 for his ticket!

With early tension from the first leg, Mallorca were in search of a comeback in front of their home fans against Deportivo. Goals galore with a raucous crowd at the Son Moix, Alex kept his original ticket to remember that brilliant day.

Dan Parry’s first Athletic Club game:

Attending your first game is a truly special moment, particularly when it’s a club that brings the atmosphere like Athletic Club do at San Mamés.

The game was filled with moments from referee drama to a goal from club legend Aritz Aduriz. Dan particularly lauds the impressive atmosphere amongst the fans, which left his ears ringing for hours! Dan has kept hold of his ticket as a means of homage to the brilliant Aduriz.

Gregor Chapelle’s first Gran Derbi:

After moving to Seville, Gregor’s first Spanish football memory was spectacular, to say the least! He attended his first game in Spain - which turned out to be none other than El Gran Derbi!

From the super Spanish sunshine to the breathtaking Seville anthem - it was the perfect footballing day out for Gregor. With the stadium rocking, the game proved to be a thriller! Hailing from Scotland himself, Gregor feels that the Seville derby is up there amongst the very best.

If you'd like to see more up-to-date Spanish football news, match information or just need to check the spelling of Ander Barrenetxea - you can find us on Twitter @LaLigaLowdown

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