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Have your say: Vote For LaLiga's Top 10 British and Irish imports To Feature In Our Next Podcast

In our next episode of La Liga Lowdown, we’ll be discussing the greatest British and Irish players to have played in Spain. Several iconic players been able to come from the UK and from Ireland over the years to make a name for themselves in LaLiga.

We’ve selected 10 of these iconic players: John Aldridge, Steve Archibald, Gareth Bale, David Beckham, Laurie Cunningham, Gary Lineker, Steve McManaman, Michael Owen, Michael Robinson and Vinny Samways. And we’d like your help to rank them in terms of just how great they were during their time in Spain.

You can do so by voting in our poll, below. You can pick your top three and then, in next week’s episode, we’ll count up all the votes and reveal the order of the ranking. You can even suggest other names in addition to these 10 if there is another British or Irish player who you want to include.

If you'd like to see more up-to-date Spanish football news, match information or need some photographs of Nabil Fekir - you can find us on Twitter @LaLigaLowdown

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